CouchMusic.Live is the independent music lover's guide to virtual live music experiences from around the corner and across the web. As a livestreaming cooperative, the CouchMusic team brings together industry professionals from around the US with one common purpose - to provide a platform for artists, fans, venues, promoters, and labels to come together and to build a resilient community in the new frontier of the suddenly digitized live music arena. The site currently features a blog of livestream previews and reviews, embedded high-quality virtual events featuring some of our favorite performers, and curated listings of streams by both local and mainstream musicians. The organization strives to shed light on the importance of the grassroots scene, especially within the context of this challenging time. By connecting the silos of the industry and beyond, we aim to be an inclusive and empowering force of good in a world desperately needing guidance towards a path of unity and respect.

Through the utilization of our shared resources and tools, membership in the co-op enables our constituents to deliver an effective, high quality, integrated livestreaming experience directly to their audience. We offer advance ticket sale capabilities, unique methods of tip encouragement, the ability to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously (including unlimited embeddability), and access to an ever-increasing network of music lovers to increase show exposure. Leveraging the CouchMusic.Live community’s combined expertise in multiple fields, including marketing and livestream production, we offer our members a valuable leg up in navigating the new landscape of the music business.

We believe that musicians and creators are a crucial part of our cultural and spiritual wellbeing. The arts have always been an essential avenue for the expansion and dissemination of ideas and creative solutions. Artists are storytellers, philosophers, critical thinkers, and naysayers, often advocating for those whose voices are suppressed and bringing awareness to causes that help to propel our society forward. In order to keep our communities united and hopeful - in a time when unity and hope feel increasingly threatened - it is up to ALL OF US to keep the arts alive and empowered.

CouchMusic.Live is simply an idea. And as members of an industry that is gravely threatened by external forces, we attempt to begin unraveling an often perplexing and complicated new world. We hope to bring clarity and focus to our creative community by acknowledging our common struggle and striving to create one of many platforms that will be essential if the live music scene and other cultural staples are to survive and thrive. In times of great contention and conflict, humanity has always found ways to shine brightly amidst the darkness. More often than not, this has been possible through acts of co-creation. We must do this together. Our cooperative - and other organizations with similar objectives - are mere pieces of the puzzle. We rely on businesses and grants to sponsor and fund our endeavors. We require venues to host our productions. Artists, of course, have their role to play. And the final piece... is YOU. Our goal is to search for and utilize ways to make live music more accessible to fans, more financially viable for our precious creators, and to educate as many as will listen on how we can work together to keep this vital industry afloat through increased engagement and financial support. We are only limited by our beliefs... and WE believe that the possibilities for the future of this industry are unlimited. We hope you’ll keep all of this in mind as you “sit back and enjoy the show!”

The safety of the artist and venue/production staff is our #1 priority. All CouchMusic.Live shows are socially distanced and follow best practices for preventative measures, such as mask-wearing, hand washing, and proper sanitization. It is our goal to provide artists and venues an opportunity to keep bringing live music to the world while staying safe. We support common-sense safety measures that protect us all and, ultimately, ensure that we can continue to present shows like this well into the future.

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The independent music lover's guide to virtual live music experiences from around the corner and across the web.

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